Generate the attention your career deserves with this engaging, standout resume. Its forward-thinking, professional and vibrant design will have a particular impact on recruiters.

It gives a lasting impression that puts your resume above so many other resumes. Designed in a distinct style so that you will be remembered.

It gives your resume a personal touch that more traditional resumes overlook, giving you the unique opportunity to engage with your recruiter before anyone else.

It draws the recruiter’s attention with its unusual yet familiar feel. The worst thing you can do in a pile of resumes is blend in, and with this resume, you will stand out from the crowd.

Here is your chance to make an impact. With its stylish, creative design it is perfect for any creative industry to showcase your talent to employers before you’ve even started the job.
Showcasing your information in a non-traditional approach can really show to the recruiter that you can implement new ideas successfully.

The Riga design gives you an edge over traditional resume designs and emphasises your most important points. Displaying your accomplishments effectively alongside your work experience will really have a positive impact on the reader of your CV at first glance.
Also, an ideal format to produce results for people with more skills than real-life experience, you can still show you are an attractive option to an employer with lots to offer by highlighting your depth of skills.

Easy on the eye and full of delight. Perfectly spaced out and formatted.
It is most striking and in a category of its own. The focus of this resume is its charm.

When your recruiter is sifting through a pile of resumes, they need to instinctively place your resume in the right pile. The Riga can do this with it by intriguing recruiters with its fresh modern look.

This resume can really symbolise your intention to stand out and project an air of confidence and success.

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